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Quakes 2018 Spring Wins


Our Conejo Quakes North Team won their second Championshiop of thw Spring this weekend at the Conejo Quakes Spring Sizzle.  Girls continue to play great as they improve as players and as their off the charts chemistry gets even better.

Pictured above from left to right, on the top row is Ashley Chow, Sara Winer, Mekela Maa, Rhyse Scholle, and Grace James.  On the bottom row, from left to right, is Kailani Johansson and Kiana Cross.  On the team but not pictured above is Lizzy Dreher and Melanie Masson.


Our Emerald Team won their second Championship of the Spring Season this weekend at the Conejo Quakes Spring Sizzle.  Girls really took care of business, including a win over an oppoenent we lost to a month ago.  Girls are really growing as a team and as individuals.  Can't wait to see where they go from here.

Pictured above, kind of left to right, is Ojal Hanwat, Cassie Valdez, Amber Gilman, Daria Borisov, Devin Feieriesen, Payton Stern, Avanthika Ramasamy, Coach Christian Cummins, and Ellie Dabbs.  On the team but not pictured above is Amanda Wang.


The Sapphire Team won their second Championship of the Spring this weekend at the Conejo Quakes Spring Sizzle.  Girls are still raw and learning how to play at a higher level, but they are getting an incredible head start playing at such a young age.  Really happy with the way they are playing defensively right now.

Pictured above, from left to right, is Olivia Berry, Liv Green, Sophia Manca, Sam Olivas, Addie Hare, Coach Neil Foreman, Jodianne Buckley, and Emma Tedder.  Also on the team but not pictured above it Amanda Wang, Anushka Jayanti, Summer Reith, and Lina Leskinen.


The Conejo Quakes Orange Team won their division this past weekend at the Ventura College Tournament.  This marks the first win for this newly formed group.  Boys played great going 3-0 for the weekend.  One of the parents added the caption and emoji's on the bottom and we liked it, so we kept it on there.

Picture above, from left to right, is Braden Hopkins, Grant Brooks, Gavin Farless, Brady Gilchrist, Davis Powell, Nate Tiedge, and Coach Neil Foreman.  On the team and playing Saturday, but unavailable Sunday is AJ Jewan, Zayd Salman, and Matt Synder.


The Sapphire Team played great in their second tournament ever.  We played two tough games against TruHoops and Time 2 Work and game out ahead in two close ones.  Girls continue to really work on their defense to win their games.  Only allowed 6 points and 7 points this weekend.  Really proud of them.

Pictured above from left to right is Coach Neil Foreman, Amber Gilman, Sophia Mancha, Liv Green, Addie Hare, Amanda Wang, Emma Tedder, Lina Leskinen, and Jodianne Buckley.


The North Team won this weekend at the Conejo Quakes Spring Kick-Off.  It was their second tournament of the season and they played much better than the first tournament of the season.  Already a very nice imporvement in the four weeks we have had.  Can't wait to keep it going.

Pictured above on top is Sara Winerman, Melanie Masson, Mekela Maa, Lynsay Garrett, Rhyse Scholle, and Kiana Cross.  On the bottom is Lizzy Dreher and Ashley Chow.


The Emerald Team came out and won its first tournament of the Spring Season.  We were short handed and we were down early in the final game, but we came back to win the division this weekend.  Really proud of the girls pulling it off with only six or seven players all weekend.

Pictured above is Deven Feieriesen, Avanthika Ramasamy, Cassie Valdez, Megan Levin, and Coach Mia Moore.  Also playing this weekend but not pictured is Ellie Dabbs, Amber Gilman, and Amanda Wang.

Mission Statement

Our goal at the Conejo Quakes Basketball Program is to prepare every student-athlete for the high school level on and off the court.  We strive to make each kid better basketball players and better people through hard work, discipline, accountability, sportsmanship, and family values.