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Quakes 2015 Spring Wins


Conejo Quakes Yellow had a great weekend at the Lights Out Spring Finale on May 16th and 17th in Burbank.  Yellow won all three of their games, two were very convincing wins and the final game was a great come from behind win to seal the Championship for the weekend.  The Yellow team continues to improve each and every week.

Pictured above on top is Coach Christian Cummins.  On the second row, from left to right, is Isabel Tran, Maddy Bruno, and Jenny Hill.  On the bottom row, left to right, is Ashley Narag, Lizzy Dreher, and Sammy Bruno.  Also on the team but unable to play this weekend is Natalia Antonucci, Michelle Gilman, Amber Gilman, Taylor Hartley, and Liv Vorburger.


Conejo Quakes Blue were co-champions this weekend, May 9th/10th, at the Conejo Quakes and VC Heat Spring Spectacular in Oxnard.  The Blue team went an impressive 3-0 on their way towards winning the division.

The Blue team has really stepped up as the Spring has gone along.  They were doing decent to start the season and then struggled in some very high end tournaments, but the hard work in practice and tough competition has paid off.  The most impressive thing about this weekend as that Blue played a team it played about six weeks ago.  The first time it was a narrow loss.  This time it was a fairly convincing win.  The improvement is there and everyone is seeing it.

Pictured above, left to right, is Arianna Yaffe, Teresa Taylor, Amanda Lewin, Jenna Schramm, Denae Pippins, Kashmir Lall, Emily Schramm, and Coach Neil Foreman.  Also on the team but not pictured is Madi Elder and Alexis Tran.


Conejo Quakes White was the other co-champion from this weekends Spring Spectacular.  The White team went 2-0.

Just like the Blue team, White played a team it had seen twice before this season.  This was their third win against them, but this was the largest margin of victory yet.  The White team is making strides and really learning how to play with each other, while their individual skills continue to grow.

Pictured above, left to right, Coach Christian Cummins, Sammie Schalk, Kassandra Cummings, Amanda Lewin, Jenna Schramm, Alex Perez, Kira Matsuo, and Emily Schramm.  Also on the team, but not pictured is Katie Coonce, Ashley Masuda, Carissa Fernandez, and Aliya Mitchell.


Green won its division this weekend, May 9th/10th, at the Conejo Quakes and VC Heat Spring Spectacular in Oxanrd, with some very impressive play.  It is their first championship in a bout eight weeks since we went from a 7th/8th Grade team to a 6th/7th Grade team.  The girls were excited to be back on top.

Green went 2-1 overall this weekend, losing a close exhibition game on Saturday.  However, the girls bounced back in a major way.  After that defeat, the girls played very well winning their next two games by nine and then fifteen.  They continue to get better and better.

Pictured above, left to right, Corey Estrella, Emily McGowan, Abby Tran, Kiana Cross, Jesika Magallanes, Asha Lall, Mariah Jacobs, and Coach Neil Foreman.  Also on the team but not pictured is Christina Schwake, Kaydee Inouye, and Jordyn Daniels.

Mission Statement

Our goal at the Conejo Quakes Basketball Program is to prepare every student-athlete for the high school level on and off the court.  We strive to make each kid better basketball players and better people through hard work, discipline, accountability, sportsmanship, and family values.