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Quakes 14/15 Winter Wins


Conejo Quakes Black


Conejo Quakes White

Conejo Quakes go 4-0 in their games at the Spring Kick-Off on March 7th and 8th.  Even though this was the Spring Kick-Off, it was our ending to Winter and the girls ended the Winter season with a great showing.  The Quakes had impressive wins of Oxnard Jagz, Synergy, and two Oxnard Force teams to go 4-0 overall.  We are very proud of the girls development and growth this season and look forward to continuing it for Spring.

In the top image of Quakes Black, from left to right is Mariah Jacobs, Asha Lall, Christina Schwake, Abby Tran, Sammie Schalk, Kassandra Cummings, and Coach Harry Carbonati.  On the bottom row is Kiana Cross, Jesika Magallanes, and Chelsea Roes.  On the team but missing this weekend is Jordyn Daniels, Kaydee Inouye, and Jenna Barsocchini.

In the bottom image of Quakes White, from left to right is Hailey Hampton, Asha Lall, Angela Biezins, Coah Harry Carbonati, (and two players from Black that wanted in the picture) Abby Tran, and Kassandra Cummings.  On the bottom row, left to right is Natalia Antonucci, Ashley Narag, Kiana Cross, and Isabel Tran.


The Conejo Quakes Black team has a second straight great weekend.  After taking 2nd place last week at the SGV Invitational, they take 1st place at the Conejo Quakes Winter Finale over Synergy and Lady Mustangs.  The girls continue to get better every week and it is really starting to show on game day.

Pictured above left to right is, Kassandra Cummings, Mariah Jacobs, Christina Schwake, Kaydee Inouye, Sammie Schalk, Jesika Magallanes, Jordyn Daniels, Coach Neil Foreman, and Abby Tran.  Also on the team but not in the photo is Chelsea Roes and Jenna Barsocchini. 


The Conejo Quakes Black team went to the SGV Invitational on February 14th, 15th, and 16th and almost took their entire division.  Out of eight teams in their division, they came away in 2nd place losing in the Championship Game to San Diego Sol.  The girls played great on the way to the Championship game with wins of OC Rhythm, FRO, and Norcal Ballaz.

Pictured above, left to right, on the top row is Kassandra Cummings, Chelsea Roes, Sammie Schalk, Christina Schwake, and Coach Neil Foreman. On the bottom row is Kaydee Inouye, Abby Tran, Jordyn Daniels, and Jesika Magallanes.  Helping the Black Team this weekend but not pictured above was Kiana Cross.  On the team but unable to play on the holiday weekend is Jenna Barsocchini.


The Conejo Quakes White team started off the new year in fantastic fashion.  The young team has had several new players to club basketball these last few months, but everyone on the team has been developing each and every week.  It really showed this weekend with a championship win.

Conejo Quakes won their division this week at the Pasadena Vikings New Year Bash on January 3rd/4th.  After a heart breaking two point loss to Infinity, beating No Dribble in a nail bitter by two and beating Pasadena Vikings by fifteen, we found ourselves in a rematch with No Dribble in the Championship.  This time, it wasn't a nail bitter as we won by thirteen points.  The girls really did all step up as a team as every player this weekend scored multiple times and played a ton of minutes.

The team consisted of eight players this weekend.  Picture above (left to right) on the top row is Coach Neil Foreman, Kiana Cross, Isabel Tran, Abby Tran, Mariah Jacobs, Hailey Hampton, and Coach Katrina Foreman.  On the bottom row, is Asha Lall, Eli Garcia, and Ashley Narag.  Also on the team, but unavailable this weekend, is Sara Penner, Natalia Antonucci, and Angela Biezins.

Mission Statement

Our goal at the Conejo Quakes Basketball Program is to prepare every student-athlete for the high school level on and off the court.  We strive to make each kid better basketball players and better people through hard work, discipline, accountability, sportsmanship, and family values.