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Winter Finale Schedule


Conejo Quakes Winter Finale

February 22nd & 23rd



Oxnard High School (OHS1, OHS2)

3400 W Gonzales Rd, Oxnard, CA 93036

Channel Islands High School (CIHS1, CIHS2)

1400 Raiders Way, Oxnard, CA 93033

Hueneme High School (HHS)

500 W Bard Rd, Oxnard, CA 93033

* = Exhibition team/game that doesn't count against the record.

** = Cross Division game that doesn't count against the record.

Boys 4th/5th Grade Division


805 Raptors 5th Black

*Conejo Quakes 5th

NWTA Celtics 4th

OGP Kings 11u Blue

Simi Dream 11u

*Starting5 4th Black

*Starting5 4th Orange




*9AM – 805 Raptors vs Conejo Quakes (48-30)

11AM – 805 Raptors vs Simi Dream (20+)

*12PM – OGP Kings vs Conejo Quakes (29-38)

2PM – Simi Dream vs NWTA Celtics (20+)

4PM – OGP Kings vs NWTA Celtics (20+)




*8AM – Starting5 Black vs Simi Dream (OHS2)

*9AM – Starting5 Orange vs Simi Dream (OHS2)

*11AM – Starting5 Black vs NWTA Celtics (OHS2)

*1PM – Starting5 Orange vs NWTA Celtics (OHS2)

4PM – OGP Kings vs 805 Raptors (HHS)



Boys 12u/6th Grade East Division


A Game Basketball

*Conejo Quakes



VC Elite




5PM – A Game Basketball vs VC Elite (20+)

*5PM – Showtime vs Conejo Quakes (23-35)

7PM – Showtime vs VC Elite (20+)

*7PM – A Game Basketball vs Conejo Quakes (41-47)




3PM – Starting5 vs Showtime (CIHS1)

5PM – Starting5 vs VC Elite (CIHS1)

5PM – A Game Basketball vs Showtime (HHS)



Boys 12u/6th Grade West Division


805 Raptors 5th Red


OGP Kings





9AM – 805 Raptors vs Elevate (39-22)

10AM – Prodigies vs OGP Kings (20+)




8AM – 805 Raptors vs OGP Kings (OHS1)

10AM – 805 Raptors vs Prodigies (OHS1)

12PM – Elevate vs OGP Kings (OHS2)

2PM – Elevate vs Prodigies (OHS2)



Boys 13u/7th Grade Division


*Conejo Quakes

OGP Kings 13u Blue

PG Elite 12u

Valley Venom




*2PM – Conejo Quakes vs PG Elite (20+)

*4PM – Conejo Quakes vs OGP Kings 13u Blue (31-44)

6PM – Valley Venom vs PG Elite (67-49)

8PM – Valley Venom vs OGP Kings 13u Blue (79-82)




**10AM – Valley Venom vs OGP Kings 14u Grey (CIHS1)

12PM – PG Elite vs OGP Kings 13u Blue (HHS)



Boys 14u/8th Grade Division


Pool A:

805 Raptors 8th Black

OGP Kings 14u Grey

*SCV Playmakers Blue

VC Elite 13u


Pool B:

A Game Basketball White

Big Picture Athletics

PG Elite 13u

SCV Playmakers Black




8AM – 805 Raptors vs OGP Kings (27-46)

*10AM – 805 Raptors vs SCV Playmakers Blue (20+)

12PM – VC Elite vs OGP Kings (20+)

1PM – PG Elite vs BPA (F)

*2PM – VC Elite vs SCV Playmakers Blue (20+)

3PM – A Game Basketball vs SCV Playmakers Black (20+)

5PM – A Game Basketball vs BPA (20+)

5PM – PG Elite vs SCV Playmakers Black (F)




10AM – PG Elite vs A Game Basketball (OHS2)

**10AM  OGP Kings 14u vs Valley Venom (CIHS1)

11AM –  SCV Playmakers vs BPA (HHS)

11AM – 805 Raptors VC Elite (CIHS1)

1PM – 2nd Place Pool A vs 2nd Place Pool B (HHS)

1PM – 1st Place Pool A vs 1st Place Pool B (CIHS1)

3PM  3rd Place Pool A vs 3rd Place Pool B (HHS)



Boys High School Bronze Division


Pool A:

805 Raptors 14u Red

Tarzana Riptide

VC Heat


Pool B:

Mavericks F/S

PG Elite 14u

Simi Dream


*Simi Vipers Black

*Simi Vipers Grey




8AM – PG Elite vs Mavericks (20+)

9AM – Tarzana Riptide vs VC Heat (34-33)

10AM – Tarzana Riptide vs 805 Raptors (36-49)

10AM – PG Elite vs Simi Dream (54-68)

12PM – VC Heat vs 805 Raptors (39-37)

12PM – Mavericks vs Simi Dream (20+)




9AM – 1A (805 Raptors) vs 1B (Simi Dream) (OHS1)

11AM – 2A (VC Heat) vs 2B (PG Elite) (OHS1)

*12PM – Simi Vipers Black vs 2A (VC Heat) (OHS1)

*1PM – Simi Vipers Black vs 2B (PG Elite) (OHS1)

*2PM – Simi Vipers Grey vs 3A (Tarzana Riptide) (OHS1)

*4PM – Simi Vipers Grey vs 3B (Mavericks) (OHS1)



Boys High School Silver/Gold Division


Pool A:


VC Heat

West Coast Renegades


Pool B:

Team G

teamEDGE 2022

Valley Venom




11AM – VC Heat vs West Coast Renegades (57-50)

1PM – VC Heat vs Mavericks (55-53)

2PM – Team G vs teamEDGE (52-65)

3PM – West Coast Renegades vs Mavericks (32-39)

4PM – Team G vs Valley Venom (67-51)

7PM – teamEDGE vs Valley Venom (54-42)




3PM – 1A (VC Heat) vs 2B (Team G) (OHS1)

3PM – 2A (Mavericks) vs 1B (teamEDGE) (OHS2)

5PM – Winner of 1A/2B vs Winner of 2A/1B (OHS1)

5PM – 3A (West Coast Renegades) vs 3B (Valley Venom) (OHS2)



Girls 4th/5th/6th Grade Division


A Game Basketball

Conejo Quakes

Santa Barbara Magic




11AM – A Game Basketball vs Conejo Quakes (36-33)

1PM – A Game Basketball vs Santa Barbara Magic (21-15)

4PM – Conejo Quakes vs Santa Barbara Magic (24-18)




2PM – 2nd (Conejo Quakes) vs 3rd (Santa Barbara Magic) (HHS)

4PM – 1st (A Game Basketball) vs Winner of 2nd/3rd (OHS2)



Girls 7th/8th Grade Bronze Division


A Game Basketball 7th/8th

Conejo Quakes MS

Pro Skills Academy 13u

Starting5 7th

Ventura Breakers 6th/7th




3PM – A Game Basketball vs Pro Skills Academy (43-51)

6PM – Conejo Quakes vs Pro Skills Academy (20+)

6PM – Ventura Breakers vs A Game Basketball (20-26)

8PM – Ventura Breakers vs Conejo Quakes (20+)




4PM – Starting5 vs Ventura Breakers (CIHS1)

6PM – Starting5 vs A Game Basketball (CIHS1)



Girls 8th Grade Division


805 Raptors 8th Red

Oxnard Rebels 14u

*Pro Skills Academy 14u

Ventura Breakers 8th




*11AM – Pro Skills Academy vs Oxnard Rebels (20+)

*1PM – Pro Skills Academy vs Ventura Breakers (20+)

3PM – Oxnard Rebels vs Ventura Breakers (20+)




12PM – 805 Raptors vs Ventura Breakers (CIHS1)

2PM – 805 Raptors vs Oxnard Rebels (CIHS1)

Mission Statement

Our goal at the Conejo Quakes Basketball Program is to prepare every student-athlete for the high school level on and off the court.  We strive to make each kid better basketball players and better people through hard work, discipline, accountability, sportsmanship, and family values.