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Program Guidelines


In order to create the best possible atmosphere for all student-athletes, parents, and spectators, we ask that all participants read and follow the program guidelines.

Excellent communication is a key proponent for a successful program. It is extremely important to contact us in case your athlete will be missing or be late for a practice or game, if you witness something detrimental to the team/program, or if you feel there is an issue affecting your child.

Supporting all players is our number one goal. We know that every athlete has different talent levels and brings different attributes to the team. Keeping that in mind, all players, parents, and anyone else involved with Conejo Quakes needs to stay positive and refrain from any negative comments. This should stay in effect during practices, games, the ride home, and even private home conversations when any athlete is around. Imagine how you would feel, if you were to hear another parent or player talking negative about your athlete. If a player or parent is caught being negative towards another member of the Conejo Quakes family, they will receive a warning for the first offense. A second offense will constitute a dismissal from the Conejo Quakes program.

As a parent, it is your job to do what’s best for your child. As a coach, it is our job to do what’s best for every athlete. Sometimes there can be disagreements. The coaching staff will use his/her best judgment when giving praise, criticism, and most importantly playing time. If you have a legitimate concern, we welcome you to communicate with the coaches or director. However, please try to put yourself in the coach’s shoes and realize the difficult decisions he/she must make in every game. This program strives to create a balance of fairness, success and victory, but we are only human so please try to keep this in mind and remain supportive.

Any season has a flat fee of $150 per month. All seasons will include two tournaments a month and two practices a week.  All payments are due by the 1st of the month. In order to make all things fair and equal, any player who has not paid their fees by the 1st of each month will not be able to participate.

Any questions, please contact Coach Neil Foreman at .


Mission Statement

Our goal at the Conejo Quakes Basketball Program is to prepare every student-athlete for the high school level on and off the court.  We strive to make each kid better basketball players and better people through hard work, discipline, accountability, sportsmanship, and family values.